Indian Participants -INR 250+ GST | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

  Registration through School only.
Indian Schools Fee : INR 250* | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

Empower Your Child's NAC Journey!

Equip your child with the tools to excel in the National Astronomy Challenge. Our curated study materials and engaging resources fuel their curiosity and pave the way to NAC success.

Ignite Passion, Expand Knowledge, Triumph in NAC!

Parent Journey

Congratulations! Your child is now registered for the NAC. Let’s work together to equip them for a successful competition. Here’s how:

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Visit CKC Website

Head to the Cosmic Kids Club (CKC) website at Become a member for FREE.

Sign In or Create Account

If your child already has a CKC account, they can directly log in. If they’ve forgotten the password, they can click on “Forgot Password” to generate a new one. For new users, creating an account is a breeze and only takes a few moments.

Explore NAC Section

Once they’re in, direct them to the NAC section on CKC.

Access Study Material

Within the NAC section, they’ll find tailored grade specific study materials. Clicking on these resources will open a world of content designed to enhance their NAC readiness.

Engage and Learn

Encourage them to dive into the materials, interact with videos, and explore interactive content. This personalized approach will significantly boost their preparation.

NAC Exam and Conduction Details

Frequently Asked Questions

The schools need to confirm their interest with us on our website. NAC team will share registration links with schools.
Interested students can register online through your school link and submit the registration fees. Post-registration NAC will send you a confirmation email and details to access the preparation material.

The study material is accessible on Cosmic Kids Club ( Students will need to create their account on CKC, in order to buy the study material. Subscription to CKC is free for NAC registered participants. Please refer to the video._____________.

Each registered participant gets access to content prepared by experts. The study content and other engagements are sufficient for NAC preparation. 

Post registration, students get access to Cosmic Kids Club for the study material. The study material incurs additional cost. The platform has for the first time an audio-visual embedded study model. The model is user-friendly and includes STEM-infused concepts, engaging and highly illustrated audio-visuals, interactive simulations, live worksheets, games and quizzes, making learning enjoyable and effective.