Indian Participants -INR 250+ GST | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

  Registration through School only.
Indian Schools Fee : INR 250* | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

Embarking Beyond the Realm of Olympiads

NAC 2023 Engagement Session

In its sixth edition, NAC transcends mere exams. December brings a spectrum of interactive sessions – from expert interactions to engaging activities, quizzes, citizen science projects, and more – enriching the NAC experience.

Sessions at Cosmic Kids Club

The engagement sessions will take place at the Cosmic Kids Club platform. Participants will need to be members of Cosmic Kids Club to access these sessions. Become a member for FREE.

The Unforgettable Learning Experience with NAC

Interactive Quizzes

Citizen Science Projects

Interactive Webinars Across Grades

**Tentative Programs | Program is subject to change as per guest availability.

How to participate in Live Engagement Sessions?

  • Create or Log in to CKC: Start by either creating a new account or logging in to your existing Cosmic Kids Club account.
  • Navigate to Live Section: Find the “Live” section on CKC’s platform.
  • Choose Your Session: Select an upcoming live engagement session that interests you.
  • Join at Scheduled Time: When the session is scheduled, access the live platform.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with experts, activities, and discussions.
Participating in live engagement sessions is a unique opportunity to explore space science interactively beyond your school hours. Become a member for FREE.