Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Access to Learning System

How do I register?
You can register through school or individually. Register on via school or individual. Upon successful registration, you will get a confirmation mail from team NAC along with the unique registration codes [IRC in case of individual and SRC (IN & OS) in case of schools]
How do I get access to study material?
Once you receive the registration code, you will get access to the STEM & Space Learning System within 24 hours for your study material. Access details will be sent to you to your registered mail id. If you don’t find the registration details in your inbox, please check your spam folder too.
Is the study material sufficient for preparing?
Each registered participant gets access to content prepared by an in-house team of experts. The study content and mentioned references are sufficient for NAC preparation.
What will the learning system of STEM & Space have?
Participants get access to study material through STEM & Space Learning System, other engagement activities, Live Webinars, DIY workshops, onboarding & mock Olympiad and link to the Olympiad as per schedule.

Process of Verification and On-boarding

How will my documents get verified?
Participants have to go through an on-boarding process to get themselves and their document verified before appearing for the Olympiad . Participants need to submit either a School ID or Aadhar Card or Passport. The on-boarding process will also check your system requirements online too.
How will the onboarding take place?
The onboarding process is online. You will need to initiate the on boarding process from the learning system. Onboarding process will be on from Nov 15th ,2021. The step by step process video will be uploaded for you to understand.

Process of Mock Test & National Astronomy Challenge

Will there be a mock test?
A mock test will be scheduled prior to the NAC exam to enable students to prepare for online exams and to ensure that your device is compatible.  The Mock Test will be available to your learning system from 1st Nov to 15th Dec 2021.
What is the process of conducting NAC?
NAC will be conducted online through your learning system. Participants will be able to attempt for NAC through an online AI-based proctored portal which is integrated to the learning system of STEM & Space. The NAC Olympiad link will be activated on the day of your scheduled date. 
When will I receive the NAC exam link?

There is no separate link to be shared. You will be taking the NAC Olympiad by log in to your learning system.

Participants will be communicated through email and WhatsApp as and when the link is activated.

What are NAC exam dates?

NAC exam dates :-

  • Grades - VIII-IX- Jan 8th, 2022
  • Grades- VI-VII- Jan 15th, 2022
  • Grades - IV-V Jan 22nd, 2022
How do I get to access the NAC Olympiad on the scheduled day?
You will receive a communication on mail or whatsapp regarding the exam dates and link.
What is the format of NAC?

NAC examination will be a multiple-choice-question (MCQ) type.

  • The NAC examination will have knowledge based, analytical and application-based questions.
  • Participants will need to attend sixty (60) questions in sixty (60) minutes.
  • MCQs will be tested and evaluated on a percentile basis.
Is there any negative marking?
Each wrong answer to attract a negative marking of 25% (-25%)

Technical Requirements

What are the IT requirements for NAC?
  • A Personal Computer / Laptop with a webcam. (No mobile or tablet to be used for taking the NAC Olympiad).
  • Smooth and uninterrupted Internet connectivity (throughout the testing session)
  • Prior to the exam proctoring system should be downloaded and installed on the system, else participants won't be able to appear for the exam.
  • Proctoring application should be downloaded and installed on the system, else participants won't be able to appear for the exam.
Which browser supports the learning system?

This Assessment is best-supported by the below-listed Browsers/Versions only.

  • Google Chrome /Safari /Mozilla Firefox

The learning system is suitable on all operating systems.

I don’t have a webcam or webcam functioning in my computer or laptop. Can I use the phone or tablet?

No, you are allowed to use only a Desktop or Laptop. No mobiles and tablets allowed. Kindly, arrange for a webcam before the Olympiad.

Result Declaration

When will I be notified about the NAC results?
The results will be announced in the month of Feb-Mar 2022. The results will be announced on our website and we will send you a communication over mail on your registered id.
How do we connect if we have any query?

In case of any queries/questions regarding the above process, you can reach us You will receive a revert within 24 hours.

Please note our office time: Monday to Saturday 9.30-6.00pm Any communication reaching to us beyond office hours or on holidays, will be reverted the very next working day.

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