Indian Participants -INR 250+ GST | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

  Registration through School only.
Indian Schools Fee : INR 250* | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

Frequently Asked Questions

The National Astronomy Challenge is an interactive Olympiad featuring a STEM-infused curriculum, dedicated to nurturing the scientific temperament of young students of Grades 4 - 9, across the globe.

Students of Grades 4 to 9 located anywhere in the world are eligible to participate in NAC.

Schools express interest on our website. NAC team shares registration links. Students register via the school link by submitting fees.

A participation fee for schools based in India is INR  250 + taxes_per student.

The participation fee for Overseas Schools is $8 per student.

Study material is available on Cosmic Kids Club at Students should create an account there to access it. NAC registered participants enjoy a free CKC subscription.

Absolutely. Every registered participant gains access to NAC's comprehensive preparation material. Developed by our team of in-house astronomers and space enthusiasts, this material is exhaustive, ensuring thorough readiness and competitiveness for NAC.

Certainly. Sample question papers will be accessible starting from October 2023. Participants can find these sample questions on the Cosmic Kids Club website, under the dedicated NAC section.

Regrettably, no. The content is curated to provide an interactive and engaging experience, featuring built-in videos and more. As such, downloading directly from the system won't be feasible.

Engagement sessions are accessible via the Cosmic Kids Club platform. To join, participants should subscribe to Cosmic Kids Club. They can create a free account at to access study materials and engage in the sessions.

All sessions will be accessible in December 2023, following school hours. Please be aware that certain sessions might experience slot variations due to guest availability.

Engagement sessions within NAC are a unique feature setting it apart as a global Olympiad. Unlike any other, NAC offers participants engaging and interactive sessions as part of their preparation. These sessions encompass various formats including interactive quizzes, expert interactions, participation in citizen science projects, and a range of other exciting activities.

No, these sessions are designed to foster participants' interest while they prepare for NAC. They are not directly tied to NAC preparations. Importantly, participation in these engagement sessions is voluntary and not mandatory.

For Indian schools, NAC will take place offline within the school premises. Participants will attempt the challenge at their school. The NAC team will collaborate closely with schools to ensure smooth conduction.

Overseas schools' participants, on the other hand, will exclusively appear for NAC through online mode.

For participation, the following are mandatory:

  • A Personal Computer / Laptop equipped with a webcam.
  • Consistent and uninterrupted internet connectivity throughout the testing session.

No, this year's NAC will be conducted using a traditional paper-pen/OMR-based format within the school premises.

The exam will feature sixty (60) multiple-choice questions, to be answered within sixty (60) minutes. These questions will cover a variety of topics, including both application and knowledge-based aspects.

The decision is influenced by the diverse regulatory requirements present in each country for conducting programs beyond the school's core curriculum. We're actively addressing these requirements and building internal capabilities to ensure a successful and compliant overseas participation in the future.

Yes, for each incorrect answer, there will be a negative marking of 25% (-25%).

The results will be revealed in March 2024. You can find the results on our official website, and we will also communicate them to your school via email.

The award felicitation is set to occur in Pune and includes a visit to the GMRT facility, tentatively scheduled for April 2024. However, the exact date will be confirmed after consultations with GMRT.

Cosmic Kids Club is an interactive online platform that offers engaging educational content related to space science and astronomy for young enthusiasts.

Cosmic Kids Club is the platform where NAC participants can access study material and engage in interactive sessions as part of their NAC journey.

Yes, a subscription to Cosmic Kids Club is required to access study material and engage in the interactive sessions offered for NAC participants. Become a member for FREE.

While subscription to Cosmic Kids Club is needed for NAC material and engagement, the subscription is free by subscribing to Cosmic Kids Club Lite.

CKC Lite: CKC Lite offers a free membership that provides access to a selection of content. Members receive 15 credits to utilize for viewing available materials.

CKC Plus: CKC Plus is a paid membership offering an enriched experience. Subscribers receive 300 credits, allowing extensive access to a wide range of content on the platform.


I'm already a Cosmic Kids Club member. Do I need a new account for Study Material access?


No need! Simply log in with your existing username and password. Head to the NAC tab and access study material using your credits. If you've forgotten your password, click "Forget Password" and follow the steps. For help, reach out to us at

We appreciate your enthusiasm. As of now, participation in NAC is limited to schools. However, stay connected with us as we're exploring additional avenues for astronomy and space enthusiasts like your child. Your passion is valued.

Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns. We're here to assist you throughout your NAC journey.