Indian Participants -INR 250+ GST | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.

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Indian Schools Fee : INR 250* | Overseas Schools Fee: $8 per participant.


Rewarding Excellence

Our champions, remarkable in both expertise and enthusiasm, have not only showcased exceptional knowledge and skills but have also contributed in creating a global community of curious young minds. As NAC champions, you've ignited a spark that fuels the ambitions in aspiring astronomers globally, becoming beacons of inspiration for generations to dream big and reach for the stars.

Trusted by 1000+ schools

Proudly Organized by STEM & Space

STEM & Space is Registered Space Tutor of ISRO and the first space ed-tech organization in India accredited by Our goal is to instill a passion for Space Science in every student across the globe through interactive and experiential learning programs.

Why we conduct NAC?

Focused on Astronomy & Space

Discover and recognize young prodigies, while offering them a distinctive competitive platform to establish their passion in Astronomy and Space.

Fostering Innovation

Bring about a transformation in the Olympiad approach by fostering greater interactivity, practicality and innovation.

Empowering Learning

Disseminate knowledge and information on the latest developments in Space Exploration and Astronomy.

Merit Students

Students Love NAC

Why students should participate in NAC?

Nurturing Scientific Curiosity

In this age of advanced space exploration, understanding astronomy concepts equips students to critically engage with scientific developments. NAC inspires students to delve into space exploration from a young age.

Developing Critical Thinking

Astronomy demands critical thinking and problem-solving. Our content, crafted by expert engineers and astrophysicists, helps students tackle complex issues and fosters logical reasoning.

Career Explorations

Astronomy and space science knowledge unlock diverse career avenues. NAC offers a platform for students to engage with global professionals across disciplines, along with exclusive space exploration camps for our champions.