A journey unlike any other

An exam unlike any other, you prepare by doing, not cramming. We do not believe in rote learning, and you should not either.

Engagement Led Olympiad

What differentiates NAC from the other Olympiads is the step by step learning model that emphasises on knowledge building with fun engagement. Each month offers diverse learning activities that stimulates self-esteem and strengthens comprehension while engaging participants as they prepare for the NAC.

World Space Week - Women in Space

JWST - The future of space telescopes

Mega Quiz on Space Missions

WSW Life in Space creative challenge

Webinar on Aditya L1 mission

Mega Quiz on Observing the Sky

DIY Workshop on New Age Astronomy

Snap and Capture the Sky - Mobile photography

Interact with an Astronaut/Astronomer

Mega Quiz on NAC Study Material

Ask an Astronomer - live interaction

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